Andrey Shestakov

Deputy Director General of JSC Zvezdochka, Director of the branch Ship reparring plant #35

Was born on September 27, 1974 in the town of Severodvinsk, the Arkhangelsk region.

After leaving school at 18, joined the Civil Engineering Department of the Arkhangelsk State Technical University. Before the graduation he worked at JSC SDMU "Spetsmashmontazh since 1997 till 1999.

At the end of 1999 began his activity in shipbuilding and ship repairing sphere as an engineer in the department of capital construction and renovation at the JSC Center for repair Zvezdochka. He rose from engineer to deputy director general over the years.

He graduated the presidential program of management training for national economy of the Russian Federation.

Today holds the position of Deputy Director General, Corporate Development and Investment project Zvezdochka and position of director of branch SRP #35.

As director of SRH #35 he works on ships and Navy vessels repair and organize a workplace for completion, testing and ballast drilling platform MISP Prirazlomnaya.

    In parallel, he is working on promising areas of development branch "35 SRH:
  • Maintenance of ships and equipment employed in the Arctic shelf fields;
  • Construction of the Complex Service Base for Arctic fields in the territory of the branch "35 SRH";
  • Participation in federal programs.

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