Grigory Stratiy

General Director of Association Murmanshelf

Was born on July, 3 in 1959.

In 1981 graduated from Sevastopol Higher Naval Engineering Collegewith a degree in “Electric Power Installations”.
In 2002 received additional education in the North West Public Service Academy with degree in state and municipal management.

Since 1981 served in the North Navy, in 1991 dismissed from service commander rank with a three medals For Honorable Service in the Military.
Since 1992 led small and medium businesses. He was one of the developers of innovative structural non-combustible material Minplast by order of CDB ME "Rubin" for using in order of defense RF Navy. Managed the launch of conveyor production of Minplast material from zero stage turnkey.
Since 2000-2005 was the member of Board of directors of Kovdorslyuda.
Since 2006 to the present time is a member of the Board, Director General of Non-profit Organization Association of suppliers for oil-and-gas industry “Murmanshelf.

The member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Murmansk region, in the Board of the North Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In July 2010 he was appointed advisor to the Governor of the Murmansk region.

Has medals "For faultless service in the Armed Forces" 2-nd and 3-rd degree, badge of the Governor of the Murmansk region "For heroic service in the Arctic", the Diploma of the Governor of the Murmansk region, Chairman Diploma of the Murmansk Regional Council, written thank from the President of the RSPP.

Hobbies: mountain skiing, Russian billiard. Elected as the president of the Billiard Sports Federation of the Murmansk region.

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