Anastasia Demenkova

The practice expert of the department of tax and legal consulting company BDO

Graduate of faculty of law (major in law) and faculty of state and municipal governance of Siberian Academy of Public Administration. Ph.D. degree in law.

Has large experience in rendering legal services and management of projects, related to providing legal support for companies operating in oil and gas industry.

Focuses on legal consulting rendered with regard to projects for prospecting and development of the new fields on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation. Expert in such issues as construction and exploitation of man-made offshore facilities, elaboration of most suitable contractual framework for interaction and drafting labour agreements in order to engage foreign employees. Actively participates in working out of amendments to improve existing legislation on the shelf, including the issues of provision of state support and tax / customs exemptions granted to participants to the offshore projects.

Over the years, worked in the field of state and municipal governance, financial authorities and science. From 1999 to 2003 headed Legal Department of Administration of the City of Dudinka, from 2003 to 2007 was Advisor to the Chairman of the Accounting Chamber of Taimyr (Dolgan-Nenets) Autonomous Region on the legal issues. In 2007-2008 was in charge of legal support for the State Scientific Institution "State Scientific Research and Development Institute of System Analysis of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation." 2008 joined ZAO BDO.

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